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Producing technical documentation

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My attempt to lead to a common denominator the creation of a documents in the Knowledge Base.

Recommendations for the producing technical documentation.


I had heard a colleague’s thought once in a conversation:

«New business — it’s like House — as House would be built — such a life would be there. So, before placing a brick inside the wall of the House under construction — please, think carefully, maybe the brick is not ready yet?

Producing technical documentation — no less responsible and important work than the actual solving of practical problems, and, perhaps, more important, when viewed in the context of solving practical problems collectively. Basic and undeniable advantage of documentation of practical solutions is the ability to accumulate the knowledge gained in the process of individual work of individual colleagues in the general knowledge base. This avoids employees to waste the time on solving issues that are already solved by someone.

Despite the variety of different documents used in the workflow, writing any of them should be guided by the following recommendations regarding their structure.

The Title.

The title should briefly and clearly reflect the meaning and content of the document.

General Description

General description should fully and clearly describe the purpose of the document creation.

Сontents of a Document

The content of the document should contain a consistent and complete information about the method of achieving the goal of the document.

An Example. The Result.

Something should be changed in the workflow by using the information from the document. Should be the result. This section should describe an example of using the information from the document and the result.

Only if:

— You have read all the above
— Agree with all the points
— Try to comply with all recommendations or make suggestions for their optimization,

try to produce a new document for Knowlefge Base.

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